Fmr. VP Quayle: Speaker Ryan Will Eventually Support Trump

Vice President to George H.W. Bush Dan Quayle announced early Thursday that he would support presumed Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump in the general election. He told the FOX Business Network’s Neil Cavuto that House Speaker Paul Ryan will eventually support Trump too.

“He’s clearly moving in that direction… I’ll be very surprised if it doesn’t happen before the convention – and it was a very consolatory meeting from what I looked at or from what I gathered from it, but he’ll be on board…Paul Ryan’s caucus is for Donald Trump. And it will be overwhelmingly for Donald Trump, there will be a few people that will be opposed to him, but overall, they are for him,” he said.

Speaker Ryan and Donald Trump released a joint statement after meeting on Thursday announcing they had taken steps toward unifying the party, but differences still remained.

“I think Paul Ryan was surprised how quickly this ended and so were a lot of people…He’s taken a deep breath, he’s got a lot of ideas, he didn’t really want to have this ball in his court at this particular time – he thought he was going to have it at the convention… In due time, almost all of us, we’ll be together, we are going to support our nominee as we should,” he said.