Fmr. Quarterback Brett Favre Pushes 'Game Changer' Concussion Drug

Former NFL Star Brett Favre played in a ton of games during his illustrious 20 year career, but during his last play ever, he had an “eye opening experience” after suffering a scary concussion.

“It was really the first time I had ever really gone to sleep, if you will, on the turf,” he told the FOX Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo.  “Fifteen or so seconds later I had woken up and I knew what had taken place… it was a scary experience  because concussion talk had just kind of started getting really hot at that time.”

Favre added even though we still don’t know a lot about concussions, they are important to treat immediately.  While there is no single cure-all for concussions, a new nasal spray, to be called Prevasol, is set to begin phase 1 of clinical studies. Favre is working with Prevacus founder Dr. Jacob VanLandingham who is developing the drug.

Dr. VanLandingham said the drug works immediately and has anti-inflammatory effects, stops swelling in your brain and is also a very powerful anti-oxidant.

“This drug diffuses into your brain cells and those brain cells are very stressed out after the concussion and it stimulates the DNA to produce three separate products that [work] try to reduce these concussion symptoms,” VanLandingham said.

When asked about how professional sports are dealing with the concussion crisis, Favre said while the concussion protocol implemented by the NFL has helped, professional sports organizations should try the drug.

“This is a game changer,” he said. “Treating it right away and stopping it is the most important factor in all of this.”