Fmr. Irish PM: Greek Government Should Take Ownership of the Problem

In an exclusive interview on FOX Business Network’s Countdown to the Closing Bell, former Irish Prime Minister John Bruton told Liz Claman he believes the Greeks should take responsibility for the current economic crisis.

“The Greek government should take ownership of the problem,” he said. “This fundamentally is a Greek problem. The Greeks borrowed the money, so they have a responsibility to ensure that the money is repaid.”

Bruton said the government in Greece needs to create a unique plan to get through the present situation.

“The Greek government needs to draw up their own program, as Ireland did… their own program for austerity and reform,” the former Irish Prime Minister said.

He told Claman he doesn’t think the government is acting very serious right now.

“I believe that the Greek government is playing juvenile games at the moment,” Bruton said, adding “the fact that the referendum was called on a proposal that’s no longer on the table-- because the circumstances are changed as a result of the Greek default. So that proposal’s not on the table and it’s not viable-- and yet that’s what the Greek government has decided they’re going to vote on Sunday… that’s completely unrealistic behavior.”