Fmr. Apple CEO John Sculley Won’t Buy the New iPhone

Former Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) CEO John Sculley is not sold on the iPhone 7. During an interview on the FOX Business Network’s Cavuto: Coast to Coast, he discussed why he looks forward to Apple’s 10th anniversary.

“I think we are just starting to see some of the building blocks to what’s going to happen next year, but I don’t think the announcement this year is going to be a fundamental changer for Apple. Apple is a great company, it’s going to do well. I think it would be worth a lot more money a year from now-- but I think it’s largely going to be the iPhone on the 10th anniversary,” he said.

And for Sculley, one those building blocks includes the new AirPod, a wireless ear bud, that will replace the current headphones.

Meanwhile, Apple’s competitor, Samsung is currently dealing with a global recall for its Note 7 due to exploding batteries.

“I’m sure Samsung was caught by surprise of this battery problem. Whether they have a plan B for it, we’ll just have to find out… The reality is, the tech world is full of uncertainties. There are cycles. There are times when the whole industry is booming and then there are other times when we’re a tweener -- when you’re between something big and something that will happen out in the future… That’s just the nature of high tech,” he said.

He also discussed Hillary Clinton’s health.

“I had pneumonia one time… It just takes all of your energy. It’s not that she’s critically sick, it’s that at a time when she feels that she’s got to be everywhere, she really probably has to just lay low… the key thing is she’s got to be rested by the time she gets to that debate,” he said.