Finding the Right Health-Care Coverage Today

How do you know which health-care plan is right for you? Here are ways to sort through the fine print and find the right coverage for you today, from Benjamin Domenech, research fellow at the Heartland Institute.

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No 1: Prioritize. Consumers should prioritize on their own and know their personal risk, Domenech said.

“Operate under the expectation that we are moving toward a system in which it is cheaper to pay out of pocket than it is to purchase coverage,” he said. “HSAs and flex-spending accounts will shrink in usefulness as the [health care] law goes into effect.” This is a high priority to take into consideration when choosing the plan that best suits you, he said, especially if you are healthy and don’t have any major risks.

No. 2: Get catastrophic coverage. Domenech said this is a form of coverage that every consumer should have, no matter what their health status may be. Not having such coverage can lead to extremely high costs in the event of the unexpected happening.

No. 3: Become an educated consumer. Choosing which plan is right for you isn’t something a consumer should take lightly, Domenech said. There are many online resources, including, that help map out plan details and ensure your coverage is competitive within the marketplace.

“Look at what is out there—don’t just default on whatever is handed to you,” he said. “Don’t shop for health insurance with any less of a serious approach than you would a car or house. Make an informed decision on what is best for you and your family.”