Elizabeth, N.J. Mayor on Bombing Suspect’s Family's Lawsuit Against City

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Elizabeth, N.J. Mayor on bombing suspect’s family's business

Elizabeth, N.J., Mayor Christian Bollwage on the business owned by the New York and New Jersey bombing suspect’s family.

The family of the New York/New Jersey bombing suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami filed a lawsuit against the city of Elizabeth, N.J. and its police force in 2011 claiming they were being harassed because of their Muslim faith. The suit stemmed from the city’s decision to curb the round-the-clock operation of First American Fried Chicken, the family's restaurant, following multiple noise complaints from neighbors.

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“Through the congregation of the people, code enforcement violations and numerous automobiles seen parked on the curb blaring horns in the early morning hours, the city council limited [the restaurant’s] hours to 10 o’clock in the evening,” Elizabeth, N.J. Mayor Christian Bollwage told the FOX Business Network.

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The suit was settled in the city’s favor in October 2012, however, Bollwage said that the city’s ultimate decision to close the restaurant had nothing to do with the family’s faith.