Drew Brees Talks Free Agency, Leading Business Ventures Off the Field

Along with New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees’ achievements on the football field, he is seeing success in the business world as well. Brees weighed in on being a free agent and on his latest business venture Thursday on the FOX Business Network.

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“It was the opportunity to get involved with the fastest growing franchise in America according to Inc. magazine. Also, obviously, I’m a big fitness buff – I mean that’s what I do within my job as a football player, and so the Title Boxing Club brand was the opportunity to really get involved in one of the best fitness brands in America. And that’s what our clubs are about; It’s not fighting, it’s about fitness,” he told Maria Bartiromo.

Brees said much of the allure of getting involved in Title Boxing was that he uses boxing as part of his training process.

“I’ve incorporated it into my workouts. Obviously I do a lot of things that are very specific to me playing the quarterback position on the field, so a lot of it is very football specific. But boxing is certainly something that I’ve worked into my workout regimen.”

Along with Title Boxing, Brees’ business resume includes Jimmy John’s franchises and co-ownership of the restaurant brand Walk-On’s.

“All those have been great opportunities and at the end of the day it was to be involved with great people and to be involved with great brands,” said Brees.

Much of Brees’ work in the business world is preparation for his eventual post-football life.

“I think you always have to be prepared for life after football. I hope that I can play as long as I can, I feel like I’ve got a lot of good years left. And yet at the same time, I certainly want to be prepared for when football’s over and transition to my other passion, which is franchising.”

Along with spending much of his busy off season in the board room, Brees is also balancing being a free agent and efforts to reach an agreement on a contract.

“It’s a process and the off season’s not over. And obviously there’s still an opportunity to get that done prior to the season starting. Once the season starts I’m focused on football, I’m not thinking about the contract.” Brees continued, “My contract does not motivate and inspire me, the opportunity to win a championship with my team inspires me.”