Dress to Impress for Your Next Job Interview

There���s no question that first impressions are critical, especially in a job interview. The clothes you wear convey a message about who you are. If you enter a job interview dressed correctly, you will communicate to the interviewer that you are a professional and reliable person, whereas if you dress inappropriately, you risk conveying a negative image that may hurt your chances of securing the position. These tips should help you dress to impress for your next job interview.

Be conservativeWhen choosing an outfit for a job interview, try to remember that the simple approach is almost invariably the best one. Try to wear sensible clothes, and leave the cowboy boots or fishnet stockings at home. Different companies have different policies when it comes to piercings and tattoos, so try to keep yours covered until you���re sure that they���re acceptable. Miniskirts, sandals and overalls should be avoided at all costs. Of course, we all want to stand out, but in a job interview it should be your skills and expertise, rather than your outrageous outfit that should be memorable.

Match the company cultureDress codes and culture vary greatly between companies and departments, so it���s important to dress appropriately for the position that you���re interviewing for. In order to determine this, it���s perfectly acceptable to ask the hiring manager or department secretary about the dress code before the interview. Once you���ve determined what type of clothes is worn around the department, experts recommend dressing one level higher. For example, if jeans and t-shirts are the norm around the office, try wearing a casual blazer, shirt and slacks or khakis.

Clean cutIn almost all circumstances, a clean-cut look will be the most appropriate for an interview. Both men and women should keep jewelry and other brash accoutrements to a minimum. Haircuts ought to be neat and tidy, and makeup should be kept to a minimum. When choosing your outfit, double-check that it���s free from holes, stains and tattering. You should also ensure that your fingernails have been trimmed and your shoes have been shined before entering your interview. A clean-cut look will provide an air of professionalism to your outfit which should help portray a positive image.

Neutral solid colorsThe types of colors you wear can make a huge difference to the overall look of your outfit. It���s usually considered good practice for interviewees to eschew loud or bright colors in favor of neutral tones and conservative shades. Men should match their tie to their suit and avoid choosing anything too bright or colorful. Wearing the latest trends is fine, but try to make your style as subtle as possible. Women might wish also to avoid bright nail polish and lipstick.