How an immigrant from the Dominican Republic is cashing in on the 'American Dream'

Frank Baez immigrated to the U.S. from the Dominican Republic and says he is now living the American dream. He shared his success story with FOX Business on Thursday.

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“I didn’t speak English,” he told Stuart Varney. “I learned it in [high] school … And then I went to a community school and after that, I went to a four-year school, Hunter College … while working at the same time. And then I went to NYU Rory Meyers College of Nursing.”

While he worked, he meandered his way through the halls of New York University's medical center in New York City.

“I was there as the janitor [at NYU Langone Health], I did it for three years. And then I transferred to become a patient transporter because I wanted to be close to that environment of patient care. And then I went to finish my bachelor's [degree]. And then I came back as a unit clerk because I wanted to work in the unit and see, on a daily basis, the work of a nurse,” he explained.

And now, he is set to begin a new, lucrative job at the very same hospital.

“I was offered a job, I will start next month,” said Baez, adding that “for the average nurse who graduates from NYU Rory Meyers College of Nursing, the average salary for a new grade is about $84,000.”


When Varney asked “do you feel like an American,” Baez replied, “of course.”

“I feel like I am the American Dream. I came to this country, didn’t have nothing. Built my own stage. Worked really hard and that’s why I’m here today.”