Disney Workers Forced to Train Their Foreign Replacements

A former Disney (NYSE:DIS) employee is speaking out about U.S. companies hiring foreign workers with H1-B visas, at lower wages, to replace U.S. workers.

“The foreign workers that replaced the hundreds of us here in Orlando, and Anaheim, were just flown in weeks before,” former Disney IT employee Leo Perrero told the FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney.

Perrero then discussed the difference in wages paid to the foreign replacements.

“They came in on a visa called the H1-B visa, I don’t know exactly what they pay, however the bulk of these people that applied for this visa are at the very lowest pay scale out of the four.  They all claim to come in on this visa because they are better than Americans, yet they come in on the lowest pay scales.”

According to Perrero this is not a trend unique to Disney.

“Disney is not an anomaly and in fact, right now, this is happening at Abbott Pharmaceuticals (NYSE:ABT) in Illinois, and one of the senators that was at the hearing, Durbin, sent a letter to the CEO yesterday demanding that he rethink his plans to replace hundreds of IT workers in Illinois, his home state.”

Perrero then addressed why he is supporting Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential race.

“Trump has been the most vocal about this, he’s publicly stated that Disney should hire everybody back that was replaced by the foreign worker, he is the most vocal about it, Cruz has also brought it up as well, so this is an issue that is coming to the presidential level and gaining more and more attention.  But Americans are really starting to slowly see what’s happening and starting to fight back on this issue.”