Disney to Abandon Trademark Applications for 'SEAL Team 6'

By FOXBusiness

Walt Disney Co. (NYSE:DIS) said Wednesday that it plans to withdraw its trademark application for the term, “SEAL Team 6,” which was filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office two days after the killing of Usama bin Laden by the Navy’s SEAL Team 6.

For its part, the Department of the Navy also filed an application to trademark “SEAL TEAM” and “Navy SEALs” on May 13, as a “collective membership mark,” since the terms are used “to indicate membership in an organization of the Department of the Navy that develops and executes military missions involving special operations strategy, doctrine, and tactics,” according to the filing.

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A spokesman from Disney told the Wall Street Journal that it planned to withdraw the application “out of deference to the Navy.”

The paper reported that the media giant is planning to create a television show, comparable shows like “JAG” or “NCIS,” citing a “person familiar with the matter.”

Disney's filing had requested the term trademarked for use on goods and services for "entertainment and education services," as well as use on clothing, footwear, toys, games and snow globes."

Shares of Disney rose 4 cents in Monday’s session, closing at $41.13. The stock was up another 16 cents in after-hours trading.