Deepak Chopra: Spirituality in Business is Profitable

For decades, bestselling author and spiritual guide Dr. Deepak Chopra has been teaching the world how to connect with the mind, body and soul. He is now sharing his vision with students at Columbia Business School in the class, “Just Capitalism & Cause Driven Marketing.”

“They thought they came to get an MBA but they actually want to change the world, they also know that they are not alone,” Chopra told

In the class, Dr. Chopra explores new ideas for how businesses can be profitable with world changing concepts while still being socially conscious. He says there is more to business than just making money; The key to being a successful leader starts with investing in your team.

“The most important people are your employees. If your employees are happy and satisfied then your customers will be happy, and if your customers are happy your investors will be happy. So, it’s kind of a full circle – you have to look at all these ecosystems and do it with integrity, with authenticity,” said Dr. Chopra.

He adds there is a connection between the fundamentals of spirituality and success in the business world.

“I define spirituality as self-awareness and also as elements of compassion, love, service, honesty, authenticity and integrity. I think even if you don’t relate to those values, if you incorporate those values your business is going to thrive,” Dr. Chopra said.

By setting daily intensions and practicing meditation, Chopra says, you can evolve your leadership skills in business and life.

“I set the intention every day for a joyful energetic body, loving compassionate heart, reflective alert mind and lightness of being. And then I don’t worry about anything, the rest of the day organizes itself around those intentions,” said Dr. Chopra.