Deadly Profits: World to Africa Hunting


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The Thrill of the Hunt The African Elephant, the Cape Buffalo, the lion, the leopard and the rhinoceros—these are just the latest attractions at the local zoo. These animals make up the “Big Five Game,” the most dangerous and difficult animals to hunt in Africa. For Andre Nortje the Big Five are the ultimate trophies that drive thrill-seeking hunters to his company, World To Africa Hunting, which he founded in 2008. World To Africa Hunting offers both dangerous game and plains game hunting, which includes Black Wildebeast, Red Hartebeast, Blesbuck, Impala and Springbuck. Click through the slides as Nortje shares his story with FOX Business: “After being involved with safari companies and trophy hunting, we identified an opportunity in South Africa to specialize in quality, trophy plains game animals and to give a high level of service before and after the hunt. We had to undergo training courses at a professional hunting school for 12 full days and master the practical and legal side of hunting with foreign clients.”

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