Companies Hiring in December

Cyber Monday broke sales records again, and that is good news for several companies that continue to look for workers who can assist them during the busiest shopping month of the year.  As you’ll see below, many of these companies will retain workers and place them in permanent positions for 2015.  Many of these positions will offer benefits.

Happy Holiday Hunting! CC

1. Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN)- Ecommerce platform for users to buy & sell products

  • Hiring 80,000 for this holiday season
  • Top jobs: picking, packing & shipping holiday orders
  • Looking to convert thousands of seasonal jobs to full-time rolls
  • Still actively hiring for the holiday season
  • Can apply here:

2. Honeybaked ham- the original spiral sliced holiday ham

  • Hiring about 10,000 for holiday sales
  • Top jobs: customer service, production (preparing & glazing hams)
  • Many of the management staff began as seasonal hires
  • Will generally fill all seasonal positions by mid-december (varies by market)
  • Apply at a local store location, find those here:

3. FedEx (NYSE:FDX) - international shipping company

  • Hiring over 50,000 seasonal positions
  • Top jobs: package handlers, helpers, drivers
  • Based on growth expectations, majority of seasonal workers will have the opportunity to continue working after the holidays
  • Interested applicants can go here:

4. Target (NYSE:TGT)

  • Plans to hire 70,000
  • Top jobs: store associates
  • Nearly 40% of 2013 seasonal hires remained as regular staff
  • Will continue to hire throughout the holiday season
  • For more info:

5. Sports Authority- Leading Sporting Goods Retailer

  • Will hire 3,500 seasonal employees
  • Top jobs: sales & merchandising associatess, store managers
  • Seasonal employees are eligible to get the same benefits as current staff & will have access to 15% discount
  • Plans to convert hundreds of seasonal workers to permanent staff
  • Apply here: