Comcast, long criticized on customer service, adding more online reps as it tries to improve

Comcast is adding more social media representatives as it tries to work on its reputation for inefficient, unresponsive or just plain rude customer service.

It is tripling the size of its social media team to 60, and could expand on that. That's just a tiny percentage of the thousands of customer service people it has — answering people faster on Twitter and Facebook is part of an overall push to improve customer service.

The country's biggest cable provider is promoting the effort as regulators review Comcast's $45 billion deal to buy the No. 2 cable company, Time Warner Cable.

Tom Karinshak, the senior vice president of customer service for Comcast Cable, says there's a "multiyear road map" to fix problems, and Comcast "still has a lot of work left to do."