Closing Out the Week for the Holidays

By CareerFOXBusiness

Just as it’s never a good idea to hard crash your computer, you shouldn’t hard crash your year either.

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Closing out the week before the Christmas holiday in an orderly and positive way is a great opportunity to make a clean psychological transition into the holidays. Nobody likes that feeling of unfinished business hanging over their head while playing with the kids or dining with the family on Christmas Eve.  That’s why it’s important to do what you can to make as clean a break as possible when walking out the office door at the end of this week. Here are some thoughts on how to make the weekend transition a clean one:

Tidy Your Space – Nobody likes the feeling of walking into a mess, even the most messy of us. Before you leave take a few minutes to flip through those loose papers on your desk, toss those marketing and sales trinkets taking up space, and straighten-up your workspace. This will give that feeling of a fresh start when you arrive back in the office after the holidays.

Shut the Door – When you leave the office, make sure you actually leave! Be sure to tie-up any loose-ends so that you can truly disconnect when you walk out that door. Don’t leave anything hanging that can quickly be taken care of even if it takes a little extra time before heading out. There is nothing worse than having that feeling of something hanging over your head, so make sure to get that closure before leaving the office.

Leave Your Stress Behind the Door – When you walk out that door commit to leaving your stress behind. Leaving the office at the end of the day can be tough, but carrying your stress home with you won’t serve any good. Know that you have done what you can to leave things in order and check your worries at the door. Your family needs you to be present, so do what you can to make sure your stress stays behind the office door.

Walk Out on a High Note – Celebrating success is something we could stand to do a little more of, particularly during the holidays. Before walking out that door, be sure to take stock of your accomplishments for the year. Also, take the time to compliment a co-worker on an accomplishment or drop a thank you note to a client. The idea is to find something positive that makes you feel good about your job and make sure that moment is the last thing on your mind before heading home for the holidays.

Truly Disconnect – I recently met a CEO who turns off his phone at 6:00 pm every Friday. Don’t be afraid to shut down your smartphone or at least shut-off the e-mail alerts… and, let people know about it. When you walk out that door be sure to tell your colleagues the period of time you will be unavailable and stick to it! It’s important to be present for your family and friends.

Most of us strive to live well and strike a positive work-life blend, so be sure to close out your week in a way that will allow you to disconnect for a couple days and genuinely engage in some holiday cheer.

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