Claremont Students Shut Down Heather Mac Donald's Speech

Students gathered outside Claremont McKenna College in California last week to protest, and eventually block, political commentator and author Heather Mac Donald from her scheduled speaking event.

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“I barely got into the room. Three hundred people—students from Claremont and neighboring colleges blocked access to the hall. So, students couldn’t get in, I had to enter through a secret entrance and spoke to an empty hall,” Mac Donald said during an interview with Stuart Varney on FOX Business.

Mac Donald was set to speak about why she believes there is a false narrative driving the Black Lives Matter movement, as well as the subject of her book, the war on cops

However, according to Mac Donald, students chanted expletives directed toward law enforcement and pounded on the glass windows where she delivered her speech via livestream, before police stepped in and shutdown the event entirely.

“Today the police are completely emasculated, and of course, on college campuses we have a consumerist ethos, and nobody wants to upset the little darlings who are there paying $60,000 a year in tuition,” Mac Donald said.

Free speech on college campuses has become a growing concern. Mac Donald’s case is just one of several conservative commentators whose speaking events have been disrupted in recent months.

In February, 11 people were arrested during a protest against conservative comedian Gavin McInnes during a speaking event at New York University.

“This grows out of a very specific ideology of victimhood. The colleges today are basically in the business of creating angry victims with chips on their shoulder -- whether it’s females, minorities, gender-trans people. And, as a result of that victim ideology, they’ve been taught to believe that speech is violence against them,” Mac Donald said, adding that the root cause of the issue can be attributed to baby boomer parents and the faculty staffing the universities.

“The real problem is these colleges are graduating perpetual victims and they’re going to be a scourge on American society,” said Mac Donald.