China tariffs: Here's a list of the US products that could be threatened

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Trump's tariffs are a self-destructive trade policy: Bryan Riley

Syndicated radio show host Stacy Washington, National Taxpayers Union Free Trade Initiative Director Bryan Riley and Olympic Media Managing Editor Katie Frates on the Trump administration's trade policy.

While President Donald Trump insists the U.S. is not in a full-blown trade war with China, citing that the “war was lost many years ago,” the countries are still going tit-for-tat on tariff announcements.

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China announced on Wednesday additional tariffs on 106 U.S. products, after previously announcing tariffs on pork, fruit and a few other U.S. products earlier this week, in retaliation to Trump’s proposed tariffs on more than 1,300 imported goods from the country, which the administration made on Tuesday.

The trade showdown was initially sparked in early March, when Trump announced a 25% tariff on steel and 10% on aluminum exports.

The news has forced big U.S. businesses to plea with lawmakers and Trump to iron out these disagreements as the tariffs will result in lost revenue and jobs for Americans.

While the effective start date for the new charges will be revealed at a later time, according to China’s Ministry of Commerce, the tariffs are designed to target up to $50 billion of U.S. products annually.

Here is list of the top 30 U.S. products that China is targeting.

  1. Soybeans
  2. Corn
  3. Corn flour
  4. Pork
  5. Certain fruits, including apples
  6. Uncombed cotton, cotton linters
  7. Aluminum straps
  8. Sorghum
  9. Brewing or distilling dregs and waste
  10. Other durum wheat
  11. Wheat and mixed wheat
  12. Whole and half head fresh and cold beef
  13.  Fresh and cold beef with bones
  14.  Fresh and cold boneless beef
  15.  Dried cranberries
  16.  Frozen orange juice
  17.  Non-frozen orange juice
  18.  Whiskey
  19.  Types of tobacco, including cigars and cigarettes
  20.  SUVs with discharge capacity of 2.5L to 3L
  21.  Vehicles with discharge capacity of 1.5L to 2L
  22.  Passenger cars with discharge capacity 1.5L to 2L, 9 seats or less
  23.  Off-road vehicles with discharge capacity of 2L to 2.5L
  24.  Other gasoline trucks of less than five tons
  25.  Liquefied propane
  26.  Acrylonitrile
  27.  Other polyesters
  28.  Certain lubricants
  29.  Aircraft with an empty weight of more than 15,000kg but not exceeding 45,000kg
  30.  Certain plastics