Carl Icahn Endorses Trump for President

Billionaire investor Carl Icahn endorsed Donald Trump for president in an interview with Neil Cavuto on FOX Business Network's Cavuto: Coast to Coast.

In August, Trump asked the businessman to serve as his Treasury Secretary if elected president. Icahn declined at the time, but after the first Fox News Republican debate, Icahn reversed his position and accepted Trump's offer.

Icahn endorsed Trump for the 2016 election and told Cavuto: "I think he's the best by far of any of these guys."

Icahn did note that he and Trump disagree on certain issues, and that he plans to talk to Trump about those issues. But despite their differing views, Icahn said "he's [Trump] definitely my candidate."

As somewhat of a bipartisan figure, Icahn has donated to both Republicans and Democrats and criticized both parties. In 2008, he staunchly opposed President Obama, but in May of 2015, changed his position and supported the president.

The full interview will air on the FOX Business Network tomorrow at 12 p.m. EST.