Can a Super Spray Make Cars and Trucks Indestructible?

One company claims it has created a spray that can make virtually any object unbreakable.

Line-X President Dennis Weese, joined the FOX Business Network’s Charles Payne, and put his product to the test.

“We got our start spraying bed liners and pickup trucks coming out of the financial crisis of 08’. The car business has come back in a big way and now the product has just become increasingly more accepted -- so we’ve had more opportunities to showcase it,” he said.

According to Weese, the company has benefitted from the “uptick in Detroit,” and is also peeking interest from other industries.  

“In addition to the auto-motive demand “We are seeing commercial and industrial customers from other industries saying hey there’s an application here as well but they see the trucks driving around, they see how durable the product is and say hey you know what we’d like that as well,” he said.

While the product is not available for consumers to purchase, Weese says for $500, you can have a franchisee treat your vehicle.