California company develops first dual marijuana, alcohol breathalyzer test

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California company develops first dual alcohol, pot breathalyzer test

Hound Labs CEO Mike Lynn on the company's marijuana breathalyzer test.

Hound Labs, a venture backed start-up company, has created the first dual marijuana and alcohol breathalyzer.

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The dual breathalyzer will provide law enforcement and employers an instant analysis of how much THC, the chemical compound in cannabis, an individual has in their system.

“In breath were marijuana only stays for a couple of hours there is no legal precedence yet for it,” Hound Labs Co-Founder Mike Lynn Lynn told FOX Business’ Stuart Varney on Tuesday. “What will happen is that we give objective data to the police officer at the road side or to the employer at the work place that says ‘Hey that person you just measured has THC in their breath.’”


A study done by the National Center for Biotechnology Information found that marijuana impairs driving abilities, and use of the drug is still prohibited by many companies.


Lynn said the Hound breathalyzers will become available for commercial purchases later this year.

“Multiple law enforcement agencies have tested it, and we are in the process of commercializing it so that it’ll be out on the streets and in the work place later this year,” he said.

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