Buffalo Bills stadium worker 'pushed over edge,' quits over team protest

A Buffalo Bills stadium employee quit after working at New Era Field for almost 30 years, after players kneeled during the national anthem before a game on Sunday.

Erich Nikischer, told FOX Business he was “pushed over the edge” after the kneeling during the “Star Spangled Banner.”

“What I felt in my heart was the disrespect for the military… military veterans, first responders in this nation of kneeling during the national anthem,” Nikischer told Maria Bartiromo on “Mornings with Maria” on Wednesday. “I waited until the national anthem finished—I had a Bills hat in my hand, I threw it to the ground—I walked out.”

Nikischer backed President Trump’s suggestion for the NFL to enforce rules on national anthem conduct.

“You’re not allowed to kneel to pray on the field either, as Tim Tebow found out years ago,” he added.