Break Your New Year's Resolution? You're Not Alone

Well, those resolutions didn't last long.

It took one-third of Americans less than a week to cheat on their New Year's resolutions , a new study by research and consulting firm YouGov reveals. The research showed that 11 percent had already broken at least one resolution, while 22 percent had cheated a few times, but were still trying to stick to their goals.

Overall, more than 30 percent of Americans made at least one New Year's resolution this year, with health, fitness and financial goals topping this year's list. Unfortunately, the research found that the resolutions  broken first were the most popular ones.

Nearly 20 percent of those surveyed who were committed to attending a regular exercise class have not done so, while 17 percent haven't joined a gym as they had set out to do.

Despite promising to improve their personal finances in 2013, many Americans have gotten off on the wrong foot.  Of those who vowed to budget better this year, 12 percent had already abandoned those plans.

The research was based on surveys of 1,000 U.S. residents over age 18.

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