Big Coal Producer Robert Murray: Trump Can't Bring Industry Back To Where It Was

President Trump has vowed to bring back coal mining jobs, but the CEO of one of America’s largest coal companies says that’s impossible.

“You can’t bring [the coal industry] back to where it was,” Robert Murray told the FOX Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo. “[Former President Obama] closed 411 coal-fired plants, this Clean Power Plan which [Trump] ended yesterday, would have closed 56 more plants.”

In Murray’s opinion, the continuation of the Clean Power Plan would have caused electric rates to skyrocket. Even so, the coal industry will benefit from Trump’s policies, he said.

“As [Trump] grows the economy [and] brings jobs back to America, coal will participate in that growth because we are one-sixth the cost of a windmill and one-fourth the cost of natural gas,” he said.