These are the best cities to buy a home for your family

If you’re looking to buy a house big enough to raise a family, Arizona might be the place to go, according to a new study.

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In fact, five cities on SmartAsset’s list of 11 best cities to buy a family home are in the Grand Canyon State. Overall, nine of the cities on the list are in the West.

SmartAsset analyzed 100 of the biggest cities in the U.S. across six metrics in order to calculate its list.

The metrics included: change in home values, change in rent, average effective property tax rate, percent of homes with at least two bedrooms, housing costs as a percent of median income and percent of homeowners who are housing-cost burdened.

The first city on the list is Fremont, California, followed by Reno, Nevada and Chandler, Arizona.

Because of two ties -- a two-way tie for seventh place and a three-way tie for ninth place --, SmartAsset found 11 best cities to buy a house big enough for a family.

Aside from the nine cities in the western U.S., SmartAsset found that Plano, Texas, and Nashville, Tennessee were also among the top 11 cities for buying a family home.


To see the rest of the results, here are the best cities to buy a family home, according to SmartAsset.

1. Fremont, California

2. Reno, Nevada

3. Chandler, Arizona

4. Gilbert, Arizona

5. Plano, Texas

6. Mesa, Arizona

7. (tie) Aurora, Colorado

7. (tie) Glendale, Arizona

9. (tie) Nashville, Tennessee

9. (tie) Henderson, Nevada

9. (tie) Scottsdale, Arizona