Beer, Wine and Cupcakes: Now That's What I Call Sweet Revenge


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Sweet Revenge owner talks about her cupcake and wine business

I stumbled upon Marlo Scott in a magazine. But she is also profiled in a commercial for Chase's Ink small business credit card.

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In January 2007 Scott was laid off from her corporate America job and decided to open a cupcakes, wine and beer bar in Manhattan. Really? Yep. I had to meet her. Not because Im trying to learn about wine and the notion of pairing it with cupcakes fascinated me, but because corporate America laid her off&a few times and somehow she has ended up as a successful business owner in a magazine ad.


I found her story so inspiring. After getting fired, she somehow scored an SBA loan and used $180,000 of her own money to open her new wine bar.

And she really does pair cupcakes with wine or beer. Her signature peanut butter cupcake paired with an Argentinean red Malbec was to die for. Like peanut butter and jelly, she said.

So the takeaway? Believe in yourself and look out of the box. And nothing tastes as sweet as revenge.

The Sicilian in me would have called the place Vendetta, though.

Cent Anni!

Five Questions for Our Wine Pro

What is your "death row" wine?

A smooth, medium-bodied Argentine Malbec with a round finish

What region produces the best wine?

I don't think region factors into what makes for the best wines. The best wines are a result of the hard work and passion of individual wine producers. I have amazing wines from all over the world on my menu.

What is the best wine and food pairing youve ever had?

All the cupcake and wine combinations on my pairings menu at Sweet Revenge! That's like picking favorites with your children...a big no no, unless one kid is in the other room! I grew up as the favorite child, as my parents assured me, whenever my kid brother was not within earshot :). OK, OK, I do love the namesake Sweet Revenge cupcake (peanut butter cake, chocolate ganache center, peanut butter fudge frosting dusted with cocoa powder and crumbled peanuts) paired with Malbec.

What will the U.S. wine industry look like in 10 years?

The locavore and organic food trends will cross over into the wine category. This will drive awareness, popularity and demand for local US producers. Cheers to grape-to-table!

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