Become a Better Leader with Vocal Exercises

It is not only what we say, but how we say it that matters.

“Our voice is an identity. It’s our brand,” says vocal expert Arthur Samuel Joseph. “An opinion is created in three seconds, so we want to be in charge not just of the message, but the messenger. “

Joseph, author of Vocal Leadership, told Fox Business’ Lauren Simonetti on LIVE that vocal training is often overlooked by business executives—and that could hurt their career.

“An athlete, a dancer, they go out and they warm up their bodies. They stretch before they compete, before they perform. But corporate executives, leaders of any stripe and color, we don’t warm up our voices, he says.

"We just walk in and put the PowerPoint slides up and we haven’t necessarily prepared them, we haven’t written anything out. But in this work, we prepare.”

Joseph points out that finding the right tone can be a big struggle for people, particularly women.

Joseph created the “Vocal Awareness Method,” which includes a seven-minute daily workout routine to strengthen one’s voice and create healthy speech habits.

“Speech is habit,” he says. “The first thing I say to all my great athletes is, ‘You brought the gift to the sport, but someone taught you every single thing you do.’ We have a degree after our name, so we should be able to do the job, but we don’t know how to communicate effectively and that’s the point of this book.”

Click the video above to learn some simple voice exercises from Arthur Samuel Joseph.