Bears, Packers tickets going for crazy prices ahead of NFL's 100th season opener

Thursday's NFL opening game is expensive, like can’t-pay-the-mortgage-this-month expensive. But it is far from the priciest game around the league in Week 1.

The Chicago Bears-Green Bay Packers game on Thursday night is seeing an average ticket price of $572 on Tick Pick, a secondary market for tickets. The expectation around Chicago is heightened by a Bears team that went 12-4 a season ago, leading the league in scoring along the way and ending a playoff drought that extended back to 2010.

The emergence of quarterback Mitch Trubisky, set to enter his third season with the Bears, gives a face to a franchise that has been underwhelming for the past decade. Last year represented just the third time since 2010 that the Bears had a winning season, making the market for this game a bit of a fury.

The cheapest ticket to get into Soldier Field tonight is north of $300. Stack that against the third most expensive game on TickPick this week, where the average price for the Washington Redskins at the Philadelphia Eagles is $281 and the cheapest ticket is $166.

But as excited as fans might be about "da Bears," the expectation is far exceeded by the New England Patriots.

The defending Super Bowl champions have created a frenzy on the secondary market. TickPick reports that the average ticket price for the Patriots home game against the Pittsburgh Steelers is $669. That number is tops in the NFL.

A front row seat to see the Patriots on Sunday night is approaching $1,300.

The average price for a ticket this week on TickPick is $233.