At New York TechDay, Entrepreneurs Weigh in on Silicon Alley vs. Valley

At New York TechDay, entrepreneurs were quick to sing the Big Apple’s praises.

Event organizers and attendees told FBN’s Jo Ling Kent it’s better in the “Alley.”

“What every single CEO was saying, and every staffer, they were saying they’re actually selling real services, unlike Silicon Valley,” says Kent. “They were saying it’s all about tech and software and things that are intangible there, versus here in New York, we’re seeing real estate getting disrupted, cleaning services, food, fashion -- all the things you need to survive in day-to-day life.”

New York TechDay Co-founder Jesse Podell agreed.

“I think that New York will always be more diverse. There’s a great quote going around [that] the startups and the companies built in New York are really those that make products that are woven into people’s lives as opposed to on the West Coast,” said Podell.