Artists Creating Unique Cycling Accessories in Brooklyn

Cyclists Steve Buwoski and Tim Skehan, both 25, take reclaimed materials and rework them into distinctive, handmade cycling accessories, with everything sourced and made in New York City.

“We work with a few different suppliers around the city,” said Buwoski. “And [we] are able to get pieces from New York City buildings from 100 years ago to old lumber from the boardwalk in Coney Island.”

The two Cleveland Institute of Art graduates, who also teach woodworking at a local community college in Long Island City, started Surname Cycling Goods Co. in 2011 after moving to Brooklyn from Ohio.

“The name was started as a bit of a pun, and a bit of homage, derived from old and well respected cycling brands that often use a last name,” said Skehan. “Brooks, Phil Wood, Campagnolo, Cinelli, Raleigh, to name a few. I don't think we were entirely sure we would keep it when we started out, but it stuck.”

Right now, the company, which is part of the NY Designs incubator in Long Island City, sells everything from handle bars to baskets to fenders, but this year it will begin selling other distinctive items.

“We are protyping some stools and will do a soft launch at the NY NOW fair in a few weeks,” said Skehan. “Our focus is making beautiful objects with ethical practices.”

The price point is around $100-$200, and the accessories are sold in a few boutique shops in the New York area and on several online sites.

“I hope people see our products as a connection to the city because everything we make, we get from right here,” said Buwoski.