Apps to find Cheapest Gas


With gas prices hitting highs once again and the national average at $3.81 per gallon for regular gas, here are some helpful apps that you can use to save money on your next visit to the pump.

  1. Gasbuddy – This is the top-ranked app for smart phones for knowing which gas station is the closest to your location and with the best prices. The app also awards points to users who update the prices of their local station. This allows Gasbuddy to be the most up to date.  It also has been posted as very user friendly.
  2.   Gas Guru – This is a very good app for knowing specifically where the cheapest gas is.  The interface states locations near you that are best, good or other for getting gas.  It also has very up to date changes that occur as well.  
  3. TripTik – This is the AAA app.  It will tell you the location a gas station and the price of gas as well.  TripTik also helps users find accommodations, restaurants, attractions, and more.
  4. Waze – This app has already made a big impact on the driving community. As a social media driving app. Waze uses a community approach to report traffic issues, while the navigation system reroutes you when road conditions change. To sweeten the deal, Waze now lets drivers report real-time gas prices.  Also, Waze users get special discounts at select gas stations.
  5. YP Mobile - This gas app is good for new reported gas prices and also helps drivers locate other businesses, such as bars, restaurants, hotels, and doctors.  YP mobile is designed to help users save money while on the go.

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Each of these apps works for iPhone and Android. Gasbuddy and YP mobile are the only apps that work for the blackberry.  Everyone on of these apps are free for download which is always a plus.