An Easier Alternative to Going Public

Thinking about taking your company public in order to grow? The New York Times says some business owners may want to consider direct public offerings instead. And if you’re considering blogging in order to improve your SMB website, proceed with caution: Entrepreneur has three major blogging mistakes not to make.

A win for retailers: A federal judge has agreed with retailers that the cap on credit-card transaction fees was set too high.

A DIY IPO? The New York Times on direct public offerings, an alternative to raising money that’s easier than going public, which may be attractive to some small-business owners.

Blog wisely: Producing content for your small-business website can be a great way to reach customers, but it can also be treacherous. Entrepreneur on the three deadly mistakes to avoid when blogging.

Be more persuasive: on the seven things really persuasive people do in order to get what they want.