America’s most and least patriotic states

Do you know how patriotic your home state is? Or how unpatriotic? How is your state’s patriotism even measured?

WalletHub conducted a study measuring each of the 50 states’ level of patriotism based on themes of military and civic engagement – the state of Virginia comes out on top.

This financial website considered several specific factors like current military enlistees, veterans per capita, statewide volunteerism and voter engagement to conclude these findings.

With the highest score of 70.48, Virginia, a historically politically rich state, is ranked No. 1 followed by Alaska (69.98), Wyoming (66.28), South Carolina (64.67) and Idaho (62.99).

The bottom five states with the least amount of patriotism based on these metrics are New York, Illinois, Rhode Island, New Jersey and with the lowest score of 26.60 – Massachusetts.