Alive and Kicking at 70: Happy Birthday NFIB

For 70 years old, the National Federation of Independent Business is looking pretty good, according to its members.

The Washington, D.C.-based small-business advocacy group has more than 350,000 members, with a representative lobbyist from each of the 50 states.

“We were the first major group to utilize a very large membership to influence legislation on Capitol Hill,” says the NFIB’s vice president of media and communications Jean Card. “We really invented grassroots lobbying.”

In honor of the NFIB’s septuagenarian status, asked members to share why the organization is so important to them:

By themselves, small businesses have no voice, but banded together they have a much larger voice, and can gain attention through the strength of the NFIB all across the country. -Mike Nobis, owner of JK Creative Printers in Quincy, Illinois

Our organization is not political – we back politicians based only on their voting record on small business issues, [not social causes]. -Max McAllister, owner of Traxxion Dynamics, a motorcycle suspension company in Woodstock, Georgia

There’s no way that I could stay on top of the issues that might impact me. The NFIB provides a great service through gathering and distributing information, and keeping members up to date and well informed on issues at both the state and national level. -Ty Baker-Baumann, owner of Rebsco, Inc., a design build contractor in Greenville, Ohio

Strong connections and networking opportunities [have been invaluable]. -Mark Dolfini, owner of June Palms Property Management in Lafayette, Indiana

No matter what the situation is – personal or business – if I picked up the phone, [other NFIB members] would be there. -Eric Donaldson, owner of Hot Shot Delivery in Houston, Texas