Adorable Capuchin Monkeys Also Don’t Like Unequal Pay

By Alden WickerLearnVest

Capuchin monkeys are just like you and me.

In a wonderful mashup of funny and adorable, a researcher videotaped two capuchin monkeys being paid unequally for a task. One was given a cucumber for completing the task, the other a grape. In capuchin-monkey world, grapes beat out cucumbers. Watch the result (and just try not to laugh out loud).

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The best part? When the researcher (in his fabulous accent) compares the poor cucumber-receiving monkey to Wall Street protesters.

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If you yourself find yourself in a situation where you are being unfairly compensated, please don’t throw your paycheck at your HR lady–it’s not nearly as cute. You could send this video to your boss, or try one of these resources: