Accenture drops Tiger Woods ads

Technology consulting firm Accenture yesterday dropped Tiger Woods as a spokesman, about two weeks after reports of the famous golfer's extra-marital affairs emerged. Woods later admitted to infidelity.

Woods has represented Accenture for the past six years.

Accenture issued a brief statement yesterday concluding that it had "determined that [Woods] is no longer the right representative for its advertising." The company also wished "only the best" for Woods and his family.

Woods' most visible contribution to Accenture's business were billboards placed in strategic locations at airports near gates and baggage claim areas touting the strategies gollowed by Woods to remain the most successful golfer in the sport. Woods appeared in the billboards in still shots from various golfing locations, often in mid-stroke.

One notable print ad for Accenture , which appeared last March, showed Woods contemplating a shot while standing in waist-high grass. The text reads, "It's rough out there. Economic realites are daunting. And yet, as with every competitive challenge, some businesses will respond proactively and effectively, while others are left behind. The winner will be those who act quickly..." The headline for the ad reads, "It's not a setback. It's a test."

Accenture's business has improved in recent years and it saw $21.6 billion in revenue for the fiscal year that ended Aug. 31, 2009. It employes 177,000 workers and has clients in 120 companies.

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