A Visual Guide to Email Etiquette:

If you're an office worker, you probably send scores of emails every single day. You probably consider yourself an email expert. But is your email etiquette really perfect, or just good enough?

For most of us, it's the latter. Who among us hasn't been the guy who replied all when he really didn't have to, or the woman who marked a message "URGENT" just to get a quick reply?

Small business funder The Business Backer recently put out a new infographic containing 36 tips to help you write the perfect email. Some of it is common social sense – e.g., don't shorten people's names unless you're familiar enough with them to do so. Some of it may be totally new to many of us – e.g., compress big attachments before sending them. Either way we could all stand to brush up on our digital manners while learning a few new tricks. Check out the full graphic below: