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Find a Kindle at your nearest AT&T store and you’ve never seen a Manilla like this one. Don’t sign up for another daily deal till you read this. And check in to Room 77.

Coming to a Store Near You

Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) will soon be shipping its bestselling Kindle 3G e-reader to AT&T company-owned stores, which means you can try out the device before you buy it.

The Kindle 3G, which recently became Amazon’s hottest-selling item in the company’s history, and connects over Wi-Fi and AT&T’s (NYSE:T) 3G mobile broadband network. It holds up to 3,500 books and has up to 30 days of battery life. You can now find yours at your local brick-and-mortar AT&T store, and, of course, online at Amazon.com.

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Money Manager

Publishing  company Hearst now has a way for you to manage all of your personal bills online. It’s called Manilla and it’s presently available in beta for all those of you who are sick of having to remember different passwords for all of the online bill pay services you use.

With Manilla you can consolidate all of those monthly payments in one spot, and only have to remember one user name and password. Manilla takes care of the rest, including sending you reminders via e-mail or text to let you know when your next bill is due. Oh, and there’s one more cool thing about Manilla – it’s completely free. Those of you who want to try it out can put their name on the waiting list. Click here.

One-Stop Saving

If your Spam folder needs a cleanse from all daily-deal e-mails, check out what’s up next from Savings.com.

The site, which gives you coupon codes and sale alerts for hundreds of goods, is now launching a new, closed beta service. Users will soon be able to build their own accounts at the site, or sign up with their personal Gmail, Facebook, Yahoo, or Twitter account, and then opt-in for alerts to the latest discounts on the brands and products you specified via your Savings profile.

The site will also compile all discounts from daily deal Web sites, and users will be able to find nearby deals by typing in their zip codes. While this is only available to a select few for now, you’ll definitely want to check out what Savings.com has to offer.

Room and Board

Finding good lodging in a city you've never visited can be tough, but Room 77 is looking to change that.

With a database of more than 425, 000 hotel rooms in 16 cities so far, Room 77 gives you expert reviews of various accommodations. If you’ve ever booked a great room that had less- than-a-great view, you’ll be happy to know that the site uses Google Earth to create a Room View, showing you just what you can expect when staring out the window after your wake-up call.

You can search according to room preference; enter what you are looking for and the site will narrrow the search accordingly. If you are on the move, you can always find a spot to sleep via the Room 77 iPhone app.

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