$700 HP TouchPad 4G Now Available for Pre-Order

The HP TouchPad 4G with HSPA+ support is now available for pre-order from Amazon.

The online retailer doesn't give a specific launch date and instead says this item has not yet been released, and that customers may pre-order it now and [Amazon] will deliver it to you when it arrives.

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The TouchPad made its debut on July 1 as a Wi-Fi only device with a 1.2GHz processor.

In our review we said the device was just good and that its software needed a shot of adrenaline." However, AT&Ts upcoming version will sport a faster 1.5GHz processor, the aforementioned HSPA+ support and HPs latest webOS 3.0.2 software.

Amazon is currently listing the TouchPad 4G for $699.99, which means youll be paying a big premium for 4G, but thats also probably before any AT&Ts subsidies.

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