7 Tools Every Recruiter Should Have in Their Arsenal

Recruiting often requires constantly and efficiently switching between tasks, which can be a bit too much for an individual to handle. Even if you are very organized, there can be times when you struggle to get it all done in the stipulated time frame. In these instances, having another cup of coffee simply won't cut it.

The key is to maintain your productivity and efficiency without compromising your sanity. This is where productivity tools come in. Since your time is limited, the best way to meet your recruitment goals is to seek help from productivity-enhancing tools.

Of course, there are hundreds of such tools out there. Simply identifying the best of the lot can be an intimidating task in itself. To help you with that, we've curated the following list:

1. Rapportive

Rapportive lets you see the LinkedIn profile details of any person you are corresponding with via email right in your inbox, thus making your research work a lot easier. Rapportive can also help you build a really credible LinkedIn network by reminding you about the people you may have missed connecting with.

2. Interview Mocha

Interview Mocha can you help filter irrelevant candidates from your applicant pools. All you have to do is select the skill sets required for the position, and the tool will enable you to test candidates online. This helps you save a lot of time that could have otherwise gone into manually interviewing irrelevant candidates.

3. Calendly

Recruiters often have to spend a lot of time just scheduling meetings and interviews. Calendly can make life easier in this regard. It lets you share your calendar with managers, candidates, and other collaborators. Then, they can choose a time to connect from the available slots, rather than slinging emails back and forth.

4. Recruit'em

Recruit'em can help you search for candidates on platforms like LinkedIn, StackOverflow, and Google+ all in one place. Through Boolean search strings tailored to your requirements, you can pinpoint the exact types of profiles you are looking for.

5. Simppler

Simppler lets companies leverage their employees to attract relevant referrals, and it works very well regardless of your company size. Plus, employee referrals have been known to significantly improve the overall quality of hire at organizations!


IFTTT (If This, Then That) is a handy automation tool that, simply put, makes the internet to work for you. IFTTT enables you to set "recipes," which are scripts that will execute predefined actions whenever a specific event takes place. So, for example, when you post a new job on your company's career page, you don't have to run to all the social networks to manually share it. Instead, IFTTT can do that for you.

7. Hired

Hired helps companies acquire talent through a unique model. Candidates are "put up for bid," and companies can compete with one another for their attention. Once the bidding is complete and the candidate has chosen a company they like, the regular interview process can continue.

Now that the competition for quality talent is at its peak, having tools that can help you in your quest will greatly enhance your productivity and speed up the hiring process significantly.

Jacob is a blogger and marketer who handles content marketing at PromptCloud, a big data company focusing on web scraping solutions. You can follow him on Twitter: @jacobpkoshy.