7 tips from President Trump on how to achieve career success

Advice from a parent, teacher or mentor may not quite compare to the advice of the president of the United States. President Trump offered valuable career insight to a group of millennial student leaders on Wednesday at the White House.

Trump emphasized the importance for this millennial generation to have a platform that consists of “open discussion” and free speech, all while bringing a new perspective.

“You bring fresh eyes to old problems,” he said.

Trump added that the “untapped” future potential of our country lies in the hands of millennials.

“You are the future, you’re the future of our country,” Trump said. “You’re the future of the world.”

The former real estate mogul offered these seven key takeaways to the group of young Americans:

1. Nothing worth doing is ever easy

2. Love what you do - Trump highlighted the significance of finding a passion and utilizing it as guidance to the right industry and the right career.

3. Ask questions

4. Stand up for your values

5. Collaborate – Classmates, friends and other peers can serve as useful tools in developing one’s own skills and passions.

6. Never “ever” quit – Trump alluded to the idea that one’s potential isn’t always relative to success. Having the right motivation and drive are what is key.

7. Have flexibility – One has to be able to “weave and bob” certain situations or unexpectedly change course with acceptance, yet still maintain that original ambition.