7 E-Commerce Metrics Every SMB Should Track

If you're in the processing of building out your e-commerce software

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I spoke with Jimmy Rodriguez, Chief Operating Officer at shopping cart software provider 3dcart

1. Conversion Rate
Conversion rate is the most important statistic to measure when trying to determine how effective your website is at driving sales. Conversion rate math is simple: What percentage of website visitors actually purchase a product? If 100 people come to your website every hour, then industry math suggests two people should make a purchase, according to Rodriguez. Sure, it's nice to drive significant traffic to your website but, without measuring your conversion rate, it's difficult to determine if your website is optimized for sales. Similarly, conversion rate can tell you if your marketing is effectively recruiting likely buyers (as opposed to just generating clicks from people who would never have actually purchased a product).

Rodriguez suggests plugging a tool such as Google Analyticsemail marketing

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