6 Tools to Boost Your Employer Brand


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Today's Question: What tech tools, websites, social media platforms, or other things does your company use to create, maintain, and spread its employer brand? What's great about these tools?

1. ">Ninh Tran, Hiretual

3. Digital Signage

We use digital signage displays in our offices to build our employer brand. We've got screens at the front entrance, by the sales and marketing areas, and in the break rooms. These screens show a variety of content from live metrics dashboards and our brand's social media channels to employee recognition and birthdays.

Digital signage is a great internal branding tool because it's quick to update, always has fresh content, and it's a powerful, visual reminder of our brand.

— Colin Bovet, Enplug

4. ">Damian Hamp-Adams, Rocketseed

6. WordPress

We used WordPress to build our internal site. It's been a great investment: low cost, easy to set up and maintain, and employees that are offsite can stay connected with the rest of the company by getting news about company events and initiatives.

It's so easy to use that we can give employees outside the marketing team -- such as employees in HR and administrative roles -- admin roles. They can go in and create their own content, such as ads, polls, reminders, notices, and new pages. We also have a forum that employees use to organize events outside of work and share information. All of these things have been great at creating and showing off a clear team spirit. Our employee directory is housed here, too, complete with pictures.

— Sorina Dragusanu, Aversan, Inc.