6 Tips for an Effective, Stylish SMB Website

By FOXBusiness

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Word of mouth isn’t dead. But if you’re not taking full advantage of online searches, your business is likely missing out on a huge opportunity. Many small business owners, however, think updating a website, or creating one from scratch, is overwhelmingly time-consuming and expensive. But that’s no longer the case, says Eric Mason, director of communications at Wix, which powers 35 million websites across the globe, 80% of which are small business sites. Mason says new tools developed by companies like Wix, Squarespace and Wordpress over the last five years have made creating or refreshing websites easier, quicker and a whole lot cheaper. “The bar is getting lower and lower,” says Mason. “There are now easy tools that allow you to do some of the most sophisticated things.” Mason says these six tips can help small businesses transform outdated websites, making them more attractive and effective. [Want to hear more? Check out the video here.] (Reuters)

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