5 Job Search Tips that Will Actually Help Your Search

There are endless lists of job search tips on the Internet. You probably glance over many of them thinking, “That’s nothing important.”

But the tips you hear over and over again actually include the most valuable job search advice. That’s why they get repeated by so many writers.

Here are five common job search tips you’ve heard before, and why you shouldn’t just roll your eyes at them:

1. Get A Lot Of Sleep. Sleep is extremely important for performing well in your career. If you’re like the 83 percent of Americans who say they do not get a good night’s sleep on a regular basis, it’s important to make an effort the night before an interview. A solid seven or eight hours will do wonders for your critical problem solving skills and creativity, two things employers want in new hires. Getting sleep is something you can easily control, so make it a priority in your job search.

2. Dress Professionally. It doesn’t matter what kind of job you are interviewing for, you should always dress professionally. One of the most common mistakes more than half of job seekers make is dressing inappropriately. When in doubt, it’s better to be a little bit over-dressed. An unprofessional first impression means game over, so don’t miss this easy way to get it right.

3. No Lies. What is the point of misrepresenting yourself in your job search? If you lie about your experience, you’ll be under-qualified for the position and not know how to handle the job. You don’t want to be stuck in a job you don’t know how to do. It’s crazy to think 34 percent of resumes contain lies about experience, education, and skills. No matter how much you stretch the truth, it will always come back to bite you. So, just be an honest job seeker.

4. Read Everything Thoroughly. The job description, the company website, your own resume, and cover letter. Read them all word for word, no skimming. Make sure everything in your application aligns with the description. A candidate who cannot follow simple directions will be written off immediately, so it’s important to read everything more than once.

Plus, it’s important to read through the things you write. In addition to matching up to the job description, check for grammar and spelling. It’s a proven fact that professionals with fewer grammar errors achieve higher positions in their careers.

5. Have A List Of Questions. Always ask questions at the end of an interview. Prepare a lengthy list of questions before you even get there, so if some of your questions get answered during the interview, you still have some left for the end. Not having questions makes it seem like you don’t care very much about the job. Writing a list out beforehand sounds annoying, but as with everything else, it’s better to be over prepared than unimpressive.

You will hear endless job search tips throughout your career. Don’t neglect the simple things just because they’re simple.

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