5 Common Mistakes Job Interviewers Make

With the job market flooded with candidates, finding the perfect new employee can be a difficult task for many businesses.

Michael Burtov, CEO of Cangrade, which has developed an automated hiring platform, said in order to find the right candidate it is up to each organization to make sure the interview process is as thorough and fair as possible.

After recently completing a review of job-interviewing techniques, Burtov has found five common mistakes that interviewers make when trying to find the best candidate. He said far too often interviewers pick candidates based on how they look and not what they are capable of.

Burtov cites past research from Princeton University that had voters rate how "competent" a congressional candidate's face looked, without any knowledge of their actual abilities, experiences or positions. The study found that those rating predicted 70 percent of the actual election results.

"This is very significant, and shows that we strongly tend to vote for people that look competent – without consideration of whether they actually are competent," Burtov said. "And these issues can be magnified when we interview candidates for positions."

Burtov offers employers several tips on how to avoid the most common interview mistakes, including:

Originally published on BusinessNewsDaily.