5 Big Interviews from the Forbes Women’s Summit

FOX Business' Elizabeth MacDonald covered the Forbes Women's Summit. Here's a look at five interviews with leading female figures.

1. Cathie Black Reinvents Herself

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Former NYC School Chancellor Cathie Black weighs in on her new business venture helping start ups.

2. Lauren Bush Lauren Helps Fight World Hunger

Feed Projects CEO Lauren Bush Lauren weighs in on her charity that fights to end world hunger.

3. Will Fiorina Run For Office? Never Say Never!

Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina on how HP can catch up to Apple, and her latest business ventures.

4. Unicef to Purchase 2.4M Gardasil Vaccines from Merck

Merck Vaccines president Julie Gerberding breaks down the latest on vaccines.

5. Donna Karan: Designing a Healthier U.S.

An exclusive interview with Donna Karan on how she’s working to make a healthier United States.