4 to Watch: Will Price Cuts Boost Sales of Electric Cars?

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1. McDonald’s Raises Franchise Fees

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Some McDonald’s franchise owners are pushing back against corporate headquarters when it comes to high fees. Franchise owner Kathryn Slater-Carter says corporate is shifting costs to franchise owners and raising fees faster than profits are climbing. Slater-Carter says some franchisees are paying as much as 12% of store sales in rent.

2. Can Price Cuts Boost Sales of Hybrid, Electric Cars?

Automakers are slashing prices to jolt sales of plug-in cars. Kelley Blue Book senior analyst Alec Gutierrez says the high price tag deterred customers who were looking to cut costs at the pumps. Gutierrez says as prices do come down, as when Nissan lowered the price for the Leaf, consumers are more interested in electric cars. And while FBN’s Gerri Willis says she doesn’t think there’s a huge market for electric and hybrid cars, Gutierrez says lowering battery costs may drive more demand.

3. Calorie Traps at Popular Restaurants

Even in the healthy section of restaurant menus, there are massive calorie bombs waiting for unsuspecting diners. Celebrity chef and cookbook author Todd English says a seemingly healthy turkey sandwich at Panera Bread can have nearly 1,000 calories, and adding cheese and condiments is the fastest way to increase unhealthy calories.

4. Challenging Sen. Lindsey Graham

As many Republicans become dissatisfied with Sen. Lindsey Graham’s efforts to work with the president, new candidates are entering the race to challenge his seat. One candidate, Nancy Mace, the first female graduate from the Citadel, says the people of South Carolina are ready for some change, and South Carolinians are looking for a more conservative alternative to Sen. Graham’s leadership.

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