4 to Watch: Will Disclosing CEO Pay Hurt Companies?

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1. How much does the CEO at your company make?

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The SEC wants everyone to know exactly how much CEOs make compared to average workers. Forbes Media Chairman Steve Forbes says the marketplace determines how much CEOs make, and this rule will only lead to employees wanting more money. Harvard Economics Professor Jeffrey Miron weighs in on whether the ratio between CEO and worker pay has gone too high, but University of Maryland Economics Professor Peter Morici says he doesn’t think transparency is necessarily a bad thing.

2. New government push for subprime mortgages?

American Banker Editor-in-Chief Neil Weinberg says the government is pushing for subprime mortgages, despite the fact that these mortgages were one of the key ingredients that led to the recession. FBN’s Gerri Willis says Congress is trying to push home ownership on all Americans – even those who can’t afford it.

3. How to pick great wine at bargain prices

Want a bargain on wine without sacrificing great taste? Consumer Reports Senior Editor Tod Marks says 30% of people are overwhelmed by choice in wine shops, and they’re turned off by the workers at stores who offer pretentious tips. Marks says Costco is a great place to buy wine, and they average between $25 and $28 a bottle. Plus, he says the store’s own label is a great steal, with good bottles for as low as $7.

4. Carl Icahn: Bill Ackman is totally wrong on Herbalife

Billionaire investor Carl Icahn says nobody knows what’s going to happen when the Fed begins to taper, but he thinks for the time being, the continued stimulus is good for the market. Icahn also shares his thoughts on Apple, and Bill Ackman’s position on Herbalife.

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