4 to Watch: Wendy’s Dramatic Brand Transformation

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1. Wendy’s Brand Transformation

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Shares of Wendy’s this year are up nearly 70%, while shares of rival McDonald’s are up only 11%. And the company’s newest offering, the pretzel bacon cheeseburger is cooking up a lot of news for the company. Wendy’s CEO Emil Brolick says the new burger is selling extremely well, and the company’s R&D team is very talented in coming up with exciting new ideas.

2. College Savings on the Rise

Gerri Willis says amid a trillion-dollar student loan crisis, many parents across the country are starting to save more – and earlier – for college. College Savings Foundation chair Roger Michaud says parents are being appropriately frightened when it comes to college savings; according to his foundation, 55% are saving for college right now.

3. When Will Fed Tapering Begin?

Federal Reserve officials continue to ramp up tapering talk, but what’s really going on? Lehrman Institute chairman Lew Lehrman says he has little doubt the Fed will reduce bond purchases – but no earlier than September.

4. Small Businesses Dropping Health Care for Employees’ Families

Remember when President Obama promised that individuals could keep their own doctors and health-care plans? Charles Payne reports that under ObamaCare small-business employers are required to provide health insurance to workers – but not necessarily their families. McArthur’s Bakery owner David McArthur says small businesses are struggling to keep policies in place for employees, and cuts need to be made.

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